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March 29, 2013
By tiredtoedlullabies SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
tiredtoedlullabies SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
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we fit perfect like musicbox hinges

because (once upon a time, in a time
far away) i was a poet and he was a thinker,
so when he spoke, i’d transcribe
a story like this (with monologue fluid, my goal
was flat to predict these line breaks) :

plato drank with grapes, and / olives in his wine

there were once men who dreamed about stars
(and what were they, but rotten cheese or twirling diamonds)

and the world used to revolve around us

girl and boy breast to breast eye to eye cave to cave

or the sun and the moon and the tugs in between
“because once upon a time there were tumbling words
with flower gasps and running twirls and once in a while
there were great cities with golden men and garnet rings
and, once a moment, there were running fools
who sang of grime and drank perfume”

and once, in the midst of this dangling all,
there was me and there was you:

(the poet and the thinker, tied in two, stowed away,
star bright star light first star i see tonight), and to the thinker
sitting : here’s a story when i think i believe
reincarnation with a tint of purple, and
here’s the chant (wish i may, wish i might, have the wish i wish tonight)

The author's comments:
I completely forgot about the starry rhyme until I skipped across it in a book. It made me shiver and write this.

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