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The Owl

Once upon a midnight sky,
Under a cold wind that peels at your skin,
Was a confused mind.
So confused, not understanding the difference between right and wrong.
An owl in the starry atmosphere,
A natural born killer,
A keen eye to every detail.
His mind is corrupted, such a psychopath
And you thought you were crazy.
Insanity is what drives him to lurk along the shadows
Of your windows,
Of your closets,
Of your walls.
The predator is in distress.
His mind is in control of his actions.
It drives him insane.
He feels no wrong in what he does.
Upon his heartless actions
And his bloody mind
Is a world of darkness that one can't touch
Lest fear tears away at your skin
Painfully piece by piece.
My friend – you may think you're living a fairytale,
But there is no happy ending.

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