The Cycle

March 29, 2013
Round and around, and around I go
This seems more like a sickness than a phase
My skins comes alive and my scars start to show
and again I've returned, returned to this place

These secrets I keep, hidden deep inside
and questions ring viciously in my mind
My mouth may be closed but my heart's open wide
but, the more I ask, the less I find

As time goes by the results cancel out
is this really happening
all that's left is doubt

Brace yourself before the crash
you knew it was coming
watch the pages turn to ash

The past you were told is not as it seems
now, exactly what is there to believe?

Always question the truth, never assume
open your mind, make some room

Here it come, the unanswered theme
will you be skeptic or will you receive?

Think this through, consider the truth
don't just make believe.

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