March 26, 2013
Having one emotion is all that life is.
Comprised of one single emotion is life itself.
This emotion is anger, and it is ever present
In daily life and all around us all the time.
People hardly get happy for no reason anymore.
It's mostly just anger, and then it's unsatiable.
When people walk down the street,
They think of the people who did them wrong.
Of the terrible things on the news.
Of how their boss is so cruel.
And yet, there are good things present all around.
If you just take the time to look and see,
(Because looking and seeing are two different things)
Then you will notice the kids playing nicely.
The elderly lady who always holds open the door.
The flowers blooming up through the sidewalk.
All of these and more are just waiting to be discovered
By someone with "too many troubles to care about anything else".
Maybe you can be the next good thing,
Just waiting to be discovered.

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