A Sensation

March 26, 2013
There’s this sensation
I haven’t spoken to anyone about
It surrounds us and God’s creations
An urge so strong it makes you shout
It’s a mere temptation
Coming from a miniscule piece of heaven
There’s no manipulation
Though it does awaken
The feeling of flying
Even if you’re still on ground
It’s exploring the experiences of trying
Or stumbling upon a clearer pitch of sound
Past the hardships of crying
And onto the supernatural hue of colors
They create a sunset worth admiring
There’s nothing odder
Yet I know it’s still there
Hidden in my memories, my heart, and core
As well as the caressing whispers in the air
To those who may care it’s something to adore
There’s this sensation
I’ve revealed only to you
For all these words were merely explanations
About a tremendous thing I’ve seen to be true
It’s the concept of my freedom
I hold so dearly to

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