Life Is Not A Game

March 26, 2013
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This is not a game,
people get hurt.
People cheat,
people get confused.
But as in a game,
don't throw it all away.
Don't lose your puzzle pieces,
don't lose your player.
Don't put away the board.
Move on up to the next level.
But this game isn't a game,
not the game called life.
But life itself.
So don't give up.
This is your battle,
for your win.
A trophy is not the prize,
life is the prize.
Your family,
your friends.
Educations and food on your table.
So when you think you have it bad,
think of those who don't have what you do.
The ones who have lost their closest friends,
and closest family.
The ones who are too poor to afford education.
And too poor to put food on the table.
But don't get me wrong.
this life is hard for everyone.
No matter who you are.
You are never too young to know what stress is,
to know what pain is.
And to know the difference between a crush and true love.
And your never too young to know the different between pain and pretend.
So put your head up,
and if you think you have it bad.
Fix everything,
its up to you.
Now do what you can,
to make your life better,
and make others lives a bit easier.
Life is not a game,
so make it worth while..
cause its not ending anytime soon.

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