Six Destructing Flames

March 26, 2013
There’s a time
In every person’s life
When they feel something unwanted
It’s a gruesome and disgusting thing
The delicate feelings
Of love and lust
Are wrecked and lost at sea
Leaving blind passions for the wrong thing
You’ll never see the beautiful sunrises
Behind the ominous storms
It’s a disease for the mad
Turns your healthily glowing skin
Into an ill shade of green
You drive friendships away
And leave Jealousy craving
For more than you’ll ever need
By making it something you’ll never have
It’s Death coming for a visit
And he’ll take a souvenir
What you get in return
Is a vacant side of the bed
That’ll freeze over the loving warmth
Forever you’ll know Loneliness
Instead of whoever used to be
It’s a cousin of Discouragement
Who introduces you to Insecurity

Forces driven dreams to dwindle
The rushing of beautiful emotions
Are gone from the thing you most adored
The curtains close and the stage darkens
No more actors on the streets of Broadway
It’s a demon taunting the past
Forgetting that life involves mistakes
Makes you miss the present
While you regress and get lost in yesterday
Forever a ghost is sent to tap your shoulders
He whispers a lullaby
“Tick, tock your failures have been determined”
It’s a storm cloud of foreboding
Anchored over your pathetically hung head
Plunging you to the bottomless pits of Tartarus
Where Insanity seduces your senses into oblivion
Sculpts you like faceless clay
You are now vulnerable
Incapable of dancing for there’s fear of collapsing
Hatred and Envy
Loss and Rejection
Regret and Dread
You’ve been present though undesired
I’ve discovered before our end
You’re only temporary fires
So now you’re released with cleansing waters

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