Growing in Change and Looking Back

March 26, 2013
Childhood remembrances are always Ironic
If you’re me
Growing old isn’t a must or a goal
Longing for your youth at a young age
Becoming the older generation
Being the girl that communicates
With adults
That’s a reality
Stumbling from the one terrified
Of crashing down the horrific waterfall in the land of wonder
To falling in love
With the adrenaline of flying through air in a belted seat
Though it straps you from reality
And prevents me from soaring
Newer heavens and experiences wait
Change is a key
Opens the door to a place
That never sleeps
Or somewhere that’s across the sea
An old woman’s wisdom
In a teenage body
Is a nightmare like the sickness of a father
The cancer
The change
But there’s more to life
And I’ll grow and embrace it
Arms wide open...

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