House, Not a Home

March 26, 2013
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You’re the legs of my table
The highlights in my hair
The stomach near my kidney
The wind to my air

Life support to my coma
Money in my wallet
Music near my speakers
Phone in my pocket

You’re the teddy to my bear
The bat to my man
The killer of my whale
The coaster of my can

You’re the map to my Earth
The peek of my mountain
Valley of my heart
The baby that is pouting

You’re the bah to my humbug
The vocal to my chord
The Finn to my Jake
The sheath of my sword

The root to my beer
The Coca to my Cola
The march of my soldier
You’re the ark and I’m Noah

You’re the full to my house
The ace of my spades
The petal of my rose
The A in my grades

Whenever you’re not here
I feel so alone
Because without you
It’s a house not a home

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