Tin Man

March 25, 2013
My knight in shining armor
Where could you be?
I've been trapped here in this tower
Feels like a century.
Are you busy fighting off the trolls
While I’m sitting all alone
And the fire breathing beast below
Is preparing for a feast
My knight in shining armor
My true love you must be
I've been waiting here for all these years
For you to slay that dragon
For you to rescue me
My knight in shining armor
The day has finally come
But you do not arrive alone
There’s a lion, a girl, and a scarecrow
My knight in shining armor
You are no knight at all
Even with your companions by your side
You could never defeat the monster
Your friend lion says to run and hide.
My knight in shining armor
I can’t even look at you
But before you turned to leave
I swear I heard you say
“Now I know I have a heart,”
In sadness you looked away
“’Cause it’s breaking”
That is what I heard you say.

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