In The Silence of the Night

March 29, 2013
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I stood there on the pavement,
Ignoring the longing to be back at the warm corner of my room.
The twilight, with it's brightening up moon and the cool breeze,
Had me gone for a while.

I listened to the soft rustle of the leaves
As the breeze strode in between them.
Being insane or senile was not what I feared.
Anyone would have preferred those,
For it could have made all this pain easy,
And admire the brilliant sparkle of the sky and the moon.

I noticed with growing satisfaction Filled with ancient melancholy,
That the twilight was slowly giving way to the night.
I have always loved it.

Sitting alone,
Still not being lonely,
Craving for each bit of nostalgia,
Which galloped through my mind.

Alas! The moon got lost in the clouds.
I felt the grief in me slowly changing to anxiety,
As the dark clouds made it's way
Through the velvet sky and almost hid it underneath.

But still it was the night
And I have always loved it.

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