My dear, sweet friend....

March 28, 2013
Row and rose of tombstones
Cover miles and miles of ground
And here my dear, sweet friend you’ll lie,
Till Heaven’s trumpets sound.
Your name, so many letters, is etched in marble stone
Unlike my heart, it will not break
For tears of loss alone.
And tears, my dear, sweet friend,
This marble will have to take
Till these rows and rows of cold, white stone
That cover miles and miles of ground
See their end in peaceful ways
Or Heaven’s trumpets sound.

My dear, sweet friend,
I’m back again
With a heavy heart and mind.
I realize now,
These rows and rows of tombstones
That cover miles and miles of ground
Will expand forever more,
With the drum and beat of war.
I realize now,
My dear, sweet friend
That in the silent sound,
You can hear the cries and screams
Of those who fight for freedom’s dreams.
My dear, sweet friend,
I only pray
That they, at least, escape the fray,
And their names will not be etched in cold, hard stone
Upon rows and rows of tombs
That cover miles and miles of snow.

My dear, sweet friend, I’ve come to say
That though I love you,
I cannot stay.
I leave you in good hands, my friend
For though I would sit with you forevermore
It is with your comrades you will lie
Save from blood and war.
At Heaven’s table I hope you dine,
Happy and content
But remember me, my dear, sweet friend
When Heaven’s wrath is sent.
We’ll meet again, perhaps one day
When my time is finally spent.
But, my dear, sweet friend, with you I cannot lie
For you and I were never wed,
Our knot was never tied.
And while here, my dear, sweet friend you lie,
Trust that I am safe.
Take comfort in your newfound home
Among the rows and rows of tombstones
That cover miles and miles of ground
Here, my dear, sweet friend please rest
Till Heaven’s trumpets sound.

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