Dear Sacrosanct

March 28, 2013
By FireRose16 PLATINUM, Bayfield, Colorado
FireRose16 PLATINUM, Bayfield, Colorado
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Religion -- I have none
Music works fine for me
The lack of words...
Dear Sacrosanct,

Church -- I don't want one
My music is my life.
It's unassailable;
Dear Sacrosanct,

Walk into a house of God,
if you so please.
Submerge yourself with holy water;
drown all your guilt;
I refuse, dear Sacrosanct.

Mozart is my God,
Tchaikovsky -- my Jesus.
My piano is my priest,
Sheet music -- my bible.
Dear Sacrosanct...

You drown yourself in God,
Then turn him on me --
My music is holy;


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