March 28, 2013
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They all know. Your mask can't hide you anymore. They see right through it. They know your dirtiest secrets. No matter who you told. Nobody is safe to trust so why waste your time and energy. You don't need them. Flying solo will be the safest route. The loneliness wont get to you. It never has before. They don't care about you anymore. Who can you talk to? They will all just judge you. Even your family? You don't know. They all wonder how you became this way. They will never know. They cant be trusted with anything at all. But wait. Can there be one person? One trusted individual? There might be one somewhere. You just need to look in just the right place. Did you find that person? You will. You won't give up until you do. You believe. You start to trust again. Your life will get better. You will have to give it time. Nobody deserves to go through what you went through. But you were never the only one. There's more of you out there. You just had to look. Did you find them? Yes, there were more than one but you wouldn't have tried if you knew that would you?

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