“When time was just a line you fed me when you wanted to stay” -Joanna News

April 1, 2013
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Give me the
“how are you?”
“it’s been a long time since”
give me your mouth
your palm,
let us greet
palm and mouth
and know
one another
I lost you
in your coin slot eyes
unsettled mouth
along the “I love yous”
and “I want yous”
the “hold me closers”
and “meant to be’s”
I lost you, I lost me,
you slowly became blurred
the edges of my heart
folded into themselves
under the flames
I can love you
I can
but only when it’s dark out
only when it’s night
when you are all silhouette
when I don’t have to face the
desert of your eyes
I don’t have to watch them
dart from mine
I can love you again
I can
as long as you stand
80 feet away from me
at all times
so I can love
your outline
so I can
imagine what your eyes
and mouth
look like
and not have to taste, touch or see them
I can remember what your eyes were
when they closed
what they were
upon opening
how they swum my heart
in seas
I couldn’t fathom
the depths of
your impression is still
imbued upon me
I’ll be a palimpsest
of forgotten love
an old stone
covered in moss
your memory
greenery upon my black back
I can
I can
love you again

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