Greatest influence

March 30, 2013
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Not so sure why I liked you like I did,
I think it was because you didn't have much,
but you were always happy,
you slept most of the day away, partied with your
friends who I hated, you got into trouble a lot,
but you were never sad, and I really wanted someone like
that in my life,
I thought you could
be an influence of some sort,
Because every time I saw that smile,
a part of me wished I could be as care free as you,
Every time I heard your laugh, I wish
I could be able to express my joy
without making a fool of myself
I wanted to be like you,
I wanted you.
We were so completely different
and maybe that’s why
it didn't work out.
Maybe you wanted someone
who didn't cry a lot
you wanted someone who
actually smiled,
and didn't write
depressing poetry,
maybe it didn't work out,
because you wanted someone happy..
but, believe me, for a while,
when I was with you, I was..

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