Chasing Tail Lights

March 25, 2013
I am trapped
In this town.
There is no leaving,
No spreading of wings,
No freedom.
I am forever
Chasing tail lights
Of people who
Make it out alive.
There are two blinking lights,
Both red.
They laugh at me
As I run after them,
As I beg for them to
Take me away.
Into the distance,
They wink their goodbyes.

This town is small.
It is filled with religious zealots,
Corrupt preachers,
Cheating husbands,
And pothead children.
A thick blanket covers the town,
Hiding what it wants to.
But it can’t hide the
And I am still running,
Still trying to get out.

I follow the tail lights
As far as I can.
But then the wall comes into view.
The tail lights continue on
And I am still standing here.

Will the tail lights lead me anywhere?
Or will I continue to chase them?
My life: chasing tail lights that lead me

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