Singing Mockingbird

March 25, 2013
Do not let others define who you are.
Do not them push you around, or
Force you into being what you are not.
Claim yourself,
Define yourself.
Your opinion is the only one that matters.
The ocean does not bend to the will of others.
It takes the water from other bodies,
And uses it to grow,
To become united in an inky blue of one.
The wind goes where it pleases.
There is nothing that can stop it.
Listen to the singing mockingbird,
It sings a song only for your ears.
Its melody works its way into the harmony of our world.
The mockingbird does not care about trifle things;
It only wishes to do what it loves best.
Think about nature,
Who doesn’t let others define them.
Think about the ocean,
Who moves to its own music.
Think about the wind,
Who cuts through without looking back.
Think about the singing mockingbird,
Who warbles a tune of its own creation.
Nature can move past tribulations,
Overcome obstacles,
And tackle those things that oppose them.
You, if you put your mind to it,
Can be like nature in all its forms:
Pure, beautiful, and unstoppable.

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