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March 24, 2013
To batter the ground
with anger and hurt
with the pain and the heartache
you feel for the earth

to wonder
and wander
get lost in your soul
forget that you've lost
all your self-control

to write in your head
a streaming of thoughts
as fleeting as time
that you've now forgot

to scream in yourself
and sweat out your tears
the air rushing past
to swallow your fears

to dream of the day
it won't all hurt so bad
and in agony hoping
you'll still have what you had

and can you keep your passion
if you don't keep your pain?
if you're not self-conscious
does that make you vain?

let go of your pride
and run to be strong
know your right from your left
and your right from your wrong

keep running
just run
you don't have that long

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