Mary Poppin's Purse

March 28, 2013
I wish I had a Mary Poppin’s purse…
the kind that fits all sorts of things,
anything you need and
it would have it.
It would be there
when you needed it.

For instance,
if the room was too dark
if I couldn’t see
if I couldn’t find my way
I’d have that purse.
I’d reach inside
and pull out a lamp—
a big, tall lamp—
And everything would be
brighter. Better.

Or, say I had a little cough
or felt a little fever
or if I just didn’t feel…
like myself anymore.
I’d turn to my magic purse and find
~relief~ in a twisted cap,
a cure-all in a bottle.
…And not the kind that
stays on your breath and
rips apart families.

I wish I had a purse that could
give me all the answers.
I wish I could retrieve you
when I need you
you’d be there.

Or at the very least…
I could stuff you inside and

have some peace and quiet.

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