No One Knows

March 27, 2013
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Smothered by oxygen
Only felt by one
Trapped in surrounding freedom
Individual slave to self

Pounding on the door to life
Nonstop constant steadfast throbs
Shallow air inhaled at once
Titanic waves exhaled

Floating on the ground
Flying down the stairs
Light as air, head in clouds
Soaring everywhere

Holding onto skin so tight
Letting go of dear, dear life
Motion slow ahead of eyes
Cutting into flesh with knife

Running in circles, falling down
Doubt if getting up will do
Blades are raindrops drizzling
Demise in mind and spirit

Dark circles, redness, tear-stained eyes
Shivers, freezing, stone-cold hands
Clandestine, mysterious, furtive thoughts
Crowds encircled all around

No one knows.

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