Across The Wave & Under The Ashes!

March 27, 2013
Looking out over the water,
Beyond the trees,the boats,and even the dolphins-
Searching for the fire and the flames,
But all she can see are waves and ashes.

Holding on to the pain,
Clenching it so near and tight without a breath-
She holds herself while she cries,
Because the waves have settled and the ashes have risen.

Watching ash after ash fade away into the sky,
She continues to cry,weep,and suffer-
Why she cries for the waves and ashes, no one knows,
Maybe it was part of someone or something she once loved.

Catching the ashes as they tumble to Earth,
Touching each wave as they begin to roll-
Hearing a slight whisper within the mist,
It could only be one thing she thought.

Listening closely to nature's beautiful language,
She wipes her face as the tears start to fade-
His voice is what she hears way beyond the trees,
But alas, the whisper begins to vanish.

Whisking away among her memories,
She finds him fading,aging,and greying-
Closing her eyes,taking a breath,
He is gone out of her memory; Across the waves & Under the ashes..."Goodbye!"...

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