March 27, 2013
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Even though your with her and i'm with him lets be honest the memories still run us into brick walls at times.
Seeing old pictures are still hard at times. Hearing each others voice playing over, and over in our heads are heart breaking rummors!
But lets face it the worst pain is when we see each other.
You stay on your side of the tracks and i'll do the same.
In one part of my life I wanted you back! Wanting you back has now turned into ashes laying in the bottom of my heart! The fire has already died in my heart and the ashes are just flakes and memories left from what use to be us!
Saying,"hi" may cause to many memories to come back to life. Waving or smiling may lead to rummors. Walking past,is all thats left. I hope one day all this will past and something can fix all this.
But as of now it can't!
I hope we have nothing like before but friends will work!
~Let time & love help the pain you once caused me~

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