Who are we?

March 27, 2013
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Who are we to stand aside and watch people get hurt when we’re the ones that linger for help when we’re hurt?
Who are we to judge? Do people not have a right to express themselves freely? Can we not stand for what we believe in? Is it a crisis to you?
Who are we to compare ourselves to another person? Everybody is different. Is that bad too you?
Who are we to drown another person’s feelings? We have no idea in what they may be dealing with. So why do it? Just to be known perhaps?
Who are we to bully other people? Is it for popularity? Attention? To fit in?
Ask yourself these questions.
No less than one of these things apply to you.
Do you do these things because they happened to you?
What do you think gives you the right to do these things?
You read these questions and notice that your innocence is gone and no longer exists.
You find guilt in yourself.
So who are you truly? A person of guilt or a person of perfection?
Not one person is of perfection. We don’t live in a perfect world.

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