Black Deli Sandwich Bags

March 15, 2013
By SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Black deli sandwich bags
Catch in trees in step for the leaves
Flow like black flags and
Tear and shred as spring ambles in
And the remnants want to fall down the street
Like your cheek leaning towards my hand
And I stay inside and watched
The man across the rooftops with
A black trash bag on a pole wave
His trained pigeons to come back
And I think of how confusing
The black leaves in the trees
Up and down the street must be to them
Even though they remind me more
Of how I brush away tears from your eye lids
And how you tilt towards my hand when I do
and the pigeon man must not know you
but he’s teaching the pigeons about us
and it makes me jealous for people with time like thus
to stare out the window like riders on a bus
and just watch the world flow by
like a televison
what a pigeon romance ive let us become
seeing you wave but then coming to realize its
stuck in a tree
waving its tatters across the street at me
telling me to come
tho I know it means it nothing
it was all in my head
a pigeon romance
cooing me to dance with myself and holdmy hands out where yours would be and id laugh at the jokes youd say while we dancedwith my suttle
and slow blooming smile
Hoping I look dashing
So I give up mid dance realizing youre not there
Because I hadn’t the time tillnow
To practice my smile
At a woman who wont ever hear me say iloveyou
But willknow that I came over whenever she asked
And she never did the same
And your squinty brown eyes
Tell me things of kind friendship
And you always introduce me as just a friend
While we all stare out windows
at black deli bags rappling
in the wind

The author's comments:
seeing the world through the eyes of a pigeon. very thought provoking you know.

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