Ode to Feelings

March 22, 2013
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Everybody has them,
Feelings of hate,
Feelings of Love,
Has four letters,
Feelings and bullsh*t,
Has eight letters,
Everybody got feelings,
Hate is bitter,
Love is sweet,
Love shines bright,
Just shines like the sun,
Hate is darkness,
Just dark as how you close your eyes,
What you see? Darkness, right?
Feelings get told,
Some feelings hides in the dark,
Have feelings? Feelings hurt? Feelings Kill?
Like a broken glass of pieces,
Feelings break fast and slow.
Lose trust : No feelings,
Lose hope : No feelings,
Lose believe : No feelings,
Feelings. . . Everybody has them,
Don’t play with feelings
Consequences won’t be cute.

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