back then

March 14, 2013
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Back then
I didn't know that messes were to be cleaned up
or that your mom isn't your personal maid

Back then
I didn't know that my brother had feelings
or that it would hurt him when he "accidentally" fell of the stool

Back then
I held my doll until I fell asleep
and the monsters under the bed
were really there

Back then
I saw a fairy sleeping on a leaf
When we were witches in the garden

Back then
I didn't care what I wore out the house
or if my sister stole my clothes

Back then
I didn't know that school was expensive
or that one day it would end

Back then
the world was my friend
people were nice

Back then
it was easy to forgive
and forget

Back then
love was a silly thing
and you didn't have to care

Back then
I didn't realize that friendship isn't forever

Back then
it wasn't so hard to say goodbye.

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