Best Friend

March 14, 2013
Forgive me but
When you were asleep
So peaceful with an angelic smile on your face
I couldn’t help but call your friends
And plan a surprise.

I know you hate surprises.
And I know you hate birthday parties.
All they do is remind you that you have one less year to live.
I guess birthdays are the Big Bad Wolf to your Little Red Riding Hood of a life.

Trust me, I didn’t mean for it to be so big.
On second thought, don’t trust me.
I knew it would be huge.
But I didn’t want to let another great year go uncelebrated.
And I’m not sorry I did it.
The surprise mixed with ecstasy on your face when we all jumped out from behind tables and chairs
Costumed and painted
Made all the annoyance you felt for me
So totally worth sleeping on the couch.

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