in the wan of the moon

March 22, 2013
Under the wan of the moon,
Far beyond the seasons of time,
Far below the earth,
My soul is in unrest…
I never left my body,
Only stayed…
I never aged,
Under the wan of the moon..

I suppose vampire is what you call me,
But I do not thrive on blood…
I do not feed off of dreams,
I eat your soul,
So that I may live on,
But you don’t realize it...

Until long after,
When you’re lying in your bed,
Some day before you sleep…
You’ll know that it’s not there…
And you’ll become one of me,
I only need this life support every ten years,
And I live like you,
Eat like you too….

You’ll never know how it happened,
You’ll just feel it,
You will know.

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