The End Is Near

March 22, 2013
By PhoenixRising GOLD, Brandon, Wisconsin
PhoenixRising GOLD, Brandon, Wisconsin
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Technology brings us darkness,
it brings us doom,
when technology comes, we must survive,
so we can escape,
to live,
and to win the fight.

When technology strikes, we will fight,
we fight in darkness,
we fight to live,
for if we lose, we are doomed,
for if we can, we will escape,
some may die, some may survive.

We must fight to die or survive,
so we may win or lose the fight,
from technology we must escape,
we run and fight in darkness,
we run from doom,
so we may die or live.

We may live,
we may survive,
but like any war, there is doom,
in the light of the burning sun we fight,
we know of the darkness,
but from technology we must escape.

We must not die, instead we must escape,
if we are to live,
we live in the darkness,
of technology, until we survive,
for justice we fight,
to escape the doom.

We run from a dark and gloomy doom,
from the doom of technology we escape,
so that we may fight,
so that another day we may live,
in the light of the moon we survive,
we will never be caught by darkness.

We run from technology’s darkness and doom,
so that we may escape from technology and survive,
so we can live to fight technology.

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