Deferred Desire: Dream Pyre

March 13, 2013
i want to know
what the grasshoppers tell you
as you lay your head
against the cool ground,
losing your identity to the night

i want to know
what the stars say to you
when your eyes plead
with them, begging for a
wish that still hasn’t come true

i want to know
what the clouds feel when
you wake up in the morning
and rub hope out of your eyes,
splash truth onto your face
again and again, until finally,
you give up and find refuge
back on the forest floor

i want to know
what crosses your mind as
you sit and wait for moonlight
to save you

i want to know why
you dream only after
dark but hardly ever in the day

but most of all:

i want to know
why sunlight isn’t enough for
your dreams to come true

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