The Car Danced

March 21, 2013
The passengers sat in a silent car
Wondering what they were doing with each other.
They were once in love, right?
The sky cried just as she began to,
Too many wasted years to end it now.

He just drove,
Drove with his eyes on the road,
But his mind was not focusing on the same place.
He wanted more than anything to not be stuck in
A small car with her.
The brakes screamed in the same decibel
As their accusations did earlier.
The car began to dance on the slick road.
Just as they had at their wedding,
It danced and danced,
Twisted and twirled.
As their lives flashed before their eyes
They knew one thing:
Whether they wanted to or not they were going to be together for
Rest of their life.

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