Barbie Doll

March 21, 2013
Oh I wish I was a Barbie Doll,
so perfectly made and new.
I would wear a different style everyday,
any sort of make-up, clothes, or shoes.
Everyone would love me,
and smile as I walked by.
No longer would I feel sad,
no longer would I go home to my bed,
and sit and cry.
I would have a painted expression of happiness
and I'd be perfect from head to toe,
My laugh and smile would fool everyone,
no one would ever know.
All the days of suffering,
would finally come to a cease.
No more acting out and trying to be the best,
no more trying to please.
I wouldn't have to act like I'm okay,
or walk with my head held high,
or even fake a smile to my friends,
and create a giant lie.
I'd be great at any sport,
have long beautiful, blond hair,
Have friends beyond belief,
and beauty that would make any person stop to stare.
I wouldn't cry or pretend,
and I wouldn't want to curl up tightly in a ball.
I'd be happy, feel special, and take off my mask,
If I was,
A Barbie Doll.

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