I could've Sworn

March 16, 2013
I know now your dead and nothing will bring you back,

But I could've almost sworn. . . .


That would be impossible.

But it might've been,

I'll never know for sure.

But I could've sworn I heard you saying my name.

I could've sworn I heard you laughing.

I swear you where standing beside me for a moment.

One minute your beside me,

And in a second your not.

I know what I seen and heard can't be but a dream,

But I can't help but swear it's real!!!

I could've sworn. . .

I could've just for a minute there;

I could've sworn you where still alive just playing a mean joke. . . .

But this is no joke,

It's all a dream inside my own head

I know deep down inside that your dead, I just refuse to believe it.

I can't believe how I could be so stupid as to believe it,

Trying to believe your still around,

As a last thought please?

I still swear it was you I seen today.

I know it was, so I will keep it a secret just between us two

God, I miss you so much with every passing minute of every day

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