March 16, 2013
It comes and goes in our life.
Only one person sticks out from the rest.
The one who makes us smile,
Knows when we are sad,
And can always make us happy.
This person is special to us more than life
Sometimes they are the reason we keep living our lives.
She had given up all hope on love
Wasn't even looking for it
When She met Him
things were right
Love they say
Has a deep control on our lives
No one can stand in between you and the one you love
Love is very real
It can and will hurt you
But wouldn't that be worth it
Just to have someone tell you they love you
Or to have someone make you smile
So your heart will be broken
You will cry
And you will fill ready to give up
But don't
Don't even look
Don't even pretend to not look
Love is just around the corner
Every day your closer
Many people will give up to soon
Remember this:
You want someone who knows when
your happy
knows when your sad and why
They can bring back your smile without even trying.
That's love

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