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It's Time to Forget

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you
I swear sometimes I catch a glimpse,
But then you’re just gone and it’s easier thinking I imagined it.
I haven’t taken down the pictures
So bright and happy like
Everything in the world fit just right
if I take them down, I’m afraid
there’ll be nothing left to cover up how messed up
we’ve gotten to be
Whose fault is it?
Those nights we could taste the sky, touch the stars
We didn’t need a plan
Just a dream
Where did they go?
Now we’re just alone
And hurt
I see it in the way we’ve forgotten
We’re just broken
Whose fault is it that we’ve changed so much?
Can we blame anyone, or was this just meant to be?
I feel the guilt
I know I’ve caused pain
But I’m hoping we can move on and see something better
Instead of looking back on
The memories.

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