The Dream

March 15, 2013
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I dream of darkness, I dream of pain
The death, the despair, in an endless chain
I feel all the torture as I lay my head to rest
The steel begins to pierce as it slips into my chest
My heart begins bleeding, I fear for the worst
My sanity fading, there’s no hope for my soul is cursed
It is the end of me it’s all over now
I close my eyes as I feel the sweat drip onto my brow
Thus it begins, the torture restarts
Ripping my soul to pieces and salvaging the parts
I scream out loud but no one can hear
I begin to cry but I can’t shed a tear
I open my eye to the creation from which was made up of my soul
The parts gathered, to make this creature black as coal
I stare it in the face but there is nothing to see
For what I am gazing at is the darkest parts of me
I made this shadow, I created this beast
Now it shows me its form and on my heart it begins to feast
I feel its cold wretched claws tearing into my skin
I see a shadow of a man in the corner, a man of darkness, a man of sin
He stops this monster only to speak
He begins to whisper as he rests his cold hand on my cheek
He melts to the floor; the beast is ready to strike
I now wake to reality, to my dream tis nothing alike
The room is dark, the air is cold
I look around but there is nothing for my eyes to behold
I see nothing around me, not a soul in site
Thus I rest my head and absorb the night
I begin to relax, my stomach un-knots
Now I lay to rest and fall back into my thoughts

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ThePHSMuse said...
Apr. 9, 2013 at 1:29 pm
To whoever views this: if you could please comment what you think, that would be greatly appreciated!! :)
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