Eyes that Smile and Lips that Lie This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

March 15, 2013
Falling hard
For brown eyes
Fierce eyes
Forever falling
Falling harder
For dark stubble
For a month
Feeling forever close
Forever’s out of reach
Lips like silk
Lying to my face
Laying out false fact
Loving my lips
Lying for a month
Deeper I fall
Danger calls to me
Daring that is him
Deep poetry
Deeper art
Dark abyss
Doomed loved
Deadly lies
Eyes that smile
Eyes that lie
Eyes that shout
Ever in whispers
Ever gothic
Ever cheating
Immensely strong
Impossibly handsome
Impossibly real
Imaginary world I live in
I love in
I wish never to end
But reality’s there
Breaking the heart
Beating it to pieces
Blowing up the lies
Making them real
Making it feel
Raw like meat
Ripped apart
Real hurt
Real lies
Real life

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