Lost in the Fog

March 20, 2013
I was never warned
Never warned of the fog
Never told of the dangers
The risks
The consequences of the fog
I silently watched
From a window
I dirtied it with my finger prints
Steamed from my curious breath
Succumbing to the fog's temptation
I climbed out the window
Nobody stopped me
And I played
I played in the fog
I danced in the fog
I laughed and sang in the fog
I could sense no danger
As quickly as I had entered
The fog thickened
I sensed danger
The fog was too thick now
Nobody could see me
I called for help
Nobody could hear me
Then, with a force
A subtle, gentle,
Yet horrific force
The fog wrapped itself
Around and around my neck
There was no struggle
I was no match
It mocked me
Mocked me as it hurt me
Killed me
I dropped to the ground
And with a final breath
I became a victim
A victim to the fog

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