Social Networking

March 20, 2013
I don’t understand social networking
Even though I use most of the sites
They convince us to sit on our rumps all day
Instead of playing and flying kites

There are things about Facebook I don’t get
And I think people got the wrong impression
Cuz’ I don’t wanna know what you ate for dinner
Or worse, your duckface expression

The thing about Twitter that I don’t get
Is that they encourage us to impersonate birds;
They say’ “Tweet this,” or, “Tweet that”
But aren’t their tweets just words?

What the heck is MySpace anyway?
I don’t know what it is
Sure, I’ve heard of it from some places
It comes in and outta conversations like a pop quiz

I know Tumblr is pretty popular
But can I ask: What’s the point?
I think it has pictures on it;
I don’t know- and sorry if I disappoint

And the sad thing about Instagram
And I’m sure you’ll all agree
Is that it makes you believe
You’re a professional at photography

And I get it;
Social Networking is fun
But is this not enough logic
About Social Networking to anyone?

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StarGazer9 said...
Jul. 7, 2013 at 11:46 pm
So true! Great topic, you did a good job at covering it.
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