See me

March 20, 2013
They never see me for, well...Me.
They never see me for what I can be.
I will love like I have never been hurt. I refuse to be treated like dirt. Pain is part of life. So is heartbreak. But this pain...This pain hurts worse than a metal stake.

A broken heart can never mend, nor heal. When do you know how they really feel?

They will try to break me, to drag me down. But I will never let you own the crown.

I can cope, you won't phase me anymore.
There will never be nothing more than hate in your heart's rotten core.

You, solely, are the one thing I will never adore.
Thank you, for shaping my heart into nothing but a throbbing sore.

Nothing of us has remained.
Breaking hearts, what have you gained?

I am strong, and you were wrong.
Now, goodbye. You blow away with a bad thought. So long, broken heart.

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