The One and Only, Me

March 20, 2013
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I may look like a regular middle school, Asian teenager huh?
Yes, that’s true, but there’s also more…
I’m in school and I’m known as the smart, the creative, and the funny.
There’s more though…
I like the color blue, I love J-pop and K-pop music or anything that has to do with my Asian culture, and I hate dealing or even listen to heartfelt relationships(I mean, I can’t even stay in the same room with couples get all mushy and squashy together for even 30 seconds) and I have, rarely, a split personality. If I get ticked off by something, I can crack into two.
Just a fair warning, I can do something much unexpected to you if you make me snap. I know I may not seem like the person to do that, but it’s unexpected.
That’s just not all about me...
I get startled easily with my sensitive ears, and I even start to chicken out when I hear an alarm clock.
Yes, these aspects of me may seem weird to you, but this is me.

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