Darkness Unveiled

March 20, 2013
didn't want things to end the way the did for me

And yet by hurting me like you did

You all but killed me

My heart beats a slow tempo

I feel its beat like a small drum

Each beat carries me on the path to beyond where I am now

You left me in tears

After you stabbed my heart with your deceiving ways

Sharp as a knife

drop drop drop

I take out the pain you caused me

But I can see the hurt

Almost as if it were blood drops

Because that's how it feels

I sit in the moonlight

I don't cry

I look at the harvest moon

And I stare with hatred

I scream in agony

Your just lurking the shadows

It's how you captured me

From the shadows

You brought me into the light showed me love

But we must have different versions

Sharp painful breath in

sharp stinging breath out

I lay my head down

I realize I am becoming a creature of darkness

How things have changed.

My robes of white have been ripped away

Replaced by black




You did this to me.

I let the moonlight wash over me

I see you from where I'm laying

My breath is shallow

I feel the tears that have been falling steadily

I glare at you

You grin the grin of Satan

I come to my knees

I lift my hands as I begin to pray my last prayer here on Earth

I'm screaming for His forgiveness and love

And as quickly as the darkness came

It leaves me.


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