The Presence of Innocence

March 18, 2013
Picking up the pieces of my shattered innocence
I stood at my window
Staring out into the cloudless night sky
Something catches my eye
Flying past the bright full moon
I blink
It’s gone
A smile forces its way onto my face
A thousand forevers ago
I would have giggled
And firmly believed I had seen Peter Pan
Looking for his Wendy
I would have climbed out my window
Made my way up to the garage roof
And waited to see him again
I would have wished upon every star
That he would swoop down in front of me
Laugh and ask if I wanted to play and fly around with him
Believing it to be more fun
Than searching for Wendy
I would have gladly accepted this offer
But stop suddenly and pout
Realizing I could not fly
He would have had a small argument with Tink
Then Fairy Dust would sparkle around me
I would have taken hold of his hand
Leapt into the air
Felt the wind tangle itself into my golden curly locks
And laughed uncontrollably
I would have forgotten every worry
That would have only chained me to the ground
I am no longer part of that childhood imagination
Nor do I wish for characters of my fantasies to visit me
But I do wish I could leap into the air
And forget all the pain
If only I could reclaim my innocence
Enough to fly around in the stars with Peter Pan
And a jealous Tinkerbell

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