Worthless Freak

March 18, 2013
Worthless freak
That voice, that awful voice, whispering
You can’t do anything right
In my head, always there
Why would they love you?
Speaking hatefully
Who in their right mind would care about you?
Sometimes, I think it’s gone
Why do you even try?
Only for it to return at a single mistake
All you can do is screw things up
The voice cuts through my strength like a knife through tender flesh
You don’t deserve having anyone there for you
My tears streaming in rivers down my face like blood leaking from the open wound
Really, who would ever miss you?
My will, my soul, breaking day by day
They don’t care what happens to you
Soul-crushing, suffocating fear encasing my being
Honestly, why would they?
I want it to just go away, to leave me alone
Everyone can see what you really are
I want to escape from it
A pathetic,
But there is no way to escape from your own mind
No matter how far or hard you run

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