We're a Rollercoaster

March 12, 2013
I can feel you.
It’s almost as if you glow
With that warmth;
That spark,
That I can’t seem to ever get enough of.

You turn to me.
In anticipation.
That glow’s back,
With the shine in your eyes and
The joy in your smile.

We’re rising up.
It’s not even scary
With you by my side.
I don’t even think of all the
“What if’s”.

Because it’s as if
I have no worries,
When you’re with me.
I don’t even begin to imagine
Any issue or
Worry or
Problem that I’ve ever had,
Or am having.

We’ve reached the top.
You look at me,
Green eyes bright and wide.
Your laughter makes me
Feel so real.

In moments we’re soaring down,
I’m free.
I’m living.
And in the moment,
All that exists is
And what lies ahead.

Maybe somewhere in the
Twists and the
You would grab my hand,
Maybe not.

But it doesn’t matter.
Because you’re all I need.

And in the moment,
You make me feel free.
And now,
I know how it feels
To be

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