Rainbow Airwaves

March 17, 2013
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I found myself in rainbow airwaves
Swimming in and out of real life
They sunk my brain and buoyed my soul
I'm growing younger, getting old

These boys and girls look new to me
On freshly crafted territory, we stand
Together, and the fog is rising
This clarity is hypnotizing

I found myself in body warmth
In red vibrations, back and forth
And conversations that unwound
In the hollow space of honest sound

I breathe without a gallery
My inspiration has become me
And sores and cuts don't seem so bad
Buried under armored scabs

I found myself in moons and stars
Stars in space just aren't as far
The world and I've found peace, now and for all
Now and for all, my foot fits its fall

The world won't see me yet
These feet have miles to go
But miles to go they've already gone
My lungs are filled with something strong

Something strong that winds me up
Lifts me up, what is this stuff?
Windy cities call my name.
Surround my face, surround my brain.

And the blackest black has turned to white
Chains have broken, taken flight
I've found my home now
I've found my home now
I've found my home.

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