Goodbye Fastfood

March 12, 2013
By , Plaquemine, LA
Drive up get your food and leave.
Yah that’s awesome everything is “cheap” and made quick.
From drive through windows and the nice cashiers.
From, “ HI, how may I help you” to order for that person in line.
See we love you because you take no time

Now that delicious burger “Can I see that”
Now flip the bun and let me look on the inside
500 calories and the cause of obesity
the reason children are bigger than they have ever been right?
I mean when I was five I know I had a risk to die, but not because of my own body

I want food cheap and quickly not caring about the calories and the body fat
That builds on the inside of me
And…… Now that my wife is obese
I guess my son will be big when he is young to you know from “genetics”

Not genetics that’s not it at all
It’s more like grease
from that good burger that only cost a good dollar

People’s weight doesn’t come from stress
It comes from their paycheck that they love to spend on that good dollar burger.

I hope they wrap you in your nice own wrapper labeled

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Deej6595 said...
Nov. 10, 2013 at 7:13 pm
Wow. This is great and I agree with your stance against this war on health and the fast food nation we are. I love the overall tone of your writing. Great job!
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