Third Degree Burn Victim

March 11, 2013
Get too close to her
and you’ll be sorry,
watch your life catch on fire
and your clothes turn to ash.

She could blow at any second,
consume your body in her flame.
Witness her eyes burn
and her fists shake.

Keep your mouth shut,
don’t tell her your secrets.
She’ll twist them and turn them
and they’ll blow up in your face.

It’s hard to avoid her though,
with her smile and those eyes.
She’ll lure you in sooner or later.
Dying in fire is tempting when you’re freezing in the cold.

She’ll fasinate and she’ll charm you
until you can’t stay away.
That’s what makes her fire eternal
broken promises and stories fuel her blaze.

She can ruin your being
in the blink of an eye.
That’s part of her hidden charm,
she’ll suck you dry and leave you to melt.

How do you suppose she’s burned this long?
Have I not warned all of you?
She’s so electric, I know,
but not as much when you’re her third degree burn victim.

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