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March 10, 2013
By Kafyra PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
Kafyra PLATINUM, San Ramon, California
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There comes a point
When everything is ice
When the wall looms
Before you
Cold and eternal
For a while you see it approaching
There are days you backtrack
Searching for a way around
An alternate way
That doesn’t involve
The icy, impenetrable cold
There are days you run toward it
Longing for the numbness
Longing for the pain of just crashing
But those days are few and far between
You fear the wall of ice
The impassable barrier
The end of everything
And you run from it
But no matter how far you go
There comes a point
When the wall is there
No matter what you do
You will reach that wall
And it all will end
First comes the loss of hope
The lack of caring
And then the numbness begins
But by then, you don’t care anymore

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